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That was alright. Her breath smelt funny. That was better best all right. Mommy worked way up top in one of the two biggest buildings in the whole wide world. I just loved going there. The super power towers. It was a better view than Central Park. And it was all glass. It was all light. And there was no dark. No dark. A beautiful bright sunny day. The speedy elevator ride up. A snack and a drink. Colouring books laid out in front of the window. Mommy already busy-busy working at her desk — with stuff. But there were monsters. They came in the bright daylight. And neither Daddy or Beowulf were here to protect us.

Unfortunately the POV was inconsistently rendered, making the ending very disappointing. After that the story became heavy-handed.

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Are they still handing out gold stars in pre-school, Sandy? If so, award yourself FIVE big ones. I must be even dumber than anyone thought. I kept imagining that your little girl lived in one of the apartment buildings overlooking Central Park Drive in Brampton. And that mommy worked in the TD Centre downtown. I really liked the way you handled the narrative from the perspective of a naive child confronted with the adult world. And the reminder that Grendel wears many cloaks.

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  6. Nice work, Sandy. Horror comes in many disguises eh!. By Angela Kessler. By John Rooney. By Harris Burland.

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    Across a fallen galaxy, the Liaden have risen to take on the challenge of bringing trade and civilization to the stars and, in the process, made themselves the aristocrats of known space. Bred to scout, to pilot and to trade, Clan Korval is ascendant among other families arrayed within the incredibly intricate and formal Liad social structure.

    But along the way Korval makes powerful enemies. Lee and Miller quite simply set the modern standard for full-on, audacious space opera. Crystal SoldierThe galaxy is in danger. A mysterious alien race of energy being called the shereika is rapidly unmaking — dissipating, lock, stock and quark -- entire star systems. Humans are making their last stand. She remakes herself, as only a aelantaza can, and infiltrates the scholarly towers on the university world of Landomist where she narrowly avoids being killed in scholarly conflicts.

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    There she liberates the scholar Liad dea'Syl, along with the equations for escape stored inside his head. Once in her new domain, Cantra creates a hereditary alliance to protect her child by Jela — to be known and become legendary as Clan Korval. But when Jethri discovers he's been had, Jethri must master the intricacies of Liaden society, which include many formal rules and regulations of behavior, to regain his place — and face — within the clan.

    I rarely rave on and on about stories, but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories. Hunted by mercenaries and an evil group known as the Triad, she is rescued by a large brute of a man named Talos and his band of diminutive followers. She soon discovers that everyone thinks she is the one referred to in legend as The Crystal Warrior. And that her destiny is to gather the magic crystals and lead an epic battle against the Triad. A battle that will determine the fate of Agorai itself.

    The Triad has other plans. Plans that involve capturing the crystals and using their powers for themselves. Plans that involve murder, madness and pain. They have been waiting a long, long time for the Warrior to awaken. Will she triumph over the forces of evil? Will she obtain the power of the crystals?

    Will she be able to save her friends? Or will they die at her side? The Crystal World By J. On an dig in Guatemala, archeologists discover a room carved out of stone and dominated by a man-sized niche surrounded by carvings. Seventeen-year-old Joshua Carson finds a crystal, inserts it into a hole in the niche, and vanishes. He discovers the crystal has endowed him with increased strength and mental acuity. Miles from home, he finds love, uncovers family secrets, and comes face to face with ruthless enemies, one of which will do whatever it takes to recover the crystal.

    However, protecting Joshua may expose Lrence and doom earth to the alien domination he gave up everything to prevent. He must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice to keep a promise and save the life of this one human. Eighteen year old Matthew Hawking constantly wishes he can be a hero. One summer he decides to mix it up by running away. After discovering a long-forgotten prophecy while on the run, Matthew embarks on a quest across two worlds for the legendary crystals of Erisedia.

    Failure to find them will mean the return to power of the worst enemy both worlds have ever known. The prophecy reveals that many years ago the wizard Erisedia asked his children to gather the six magic crystals and use them to destroy the evil Carsumi before he takes over the world. Pursued by a merciless warlord with an army of thousands, Matthew begins to see himself as the hero of a glamorous adventure.

    As the story intensifies and lives hang in the balance, Matthew must decide if he will remain the swash-buckling, cape-wearing icon of his dreams or mature into a true leader who fulfills the prophecy. He must learn to tame his selfish impulses in order to conquer the evil which is all around him.

    The Crystals of Kings is a magical twist on the classic, fast-paced treasure hunt story, and has been described as Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones.

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    It is the first of four books in the Son of Time series. The adventure chronicles the change in Matthew and his two companions as they learn that being a hero involves sacrifice, friendship, trust, and bravery.

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    Rica, a young woman, stumbles into another world. She awakes in a desert with no water, food, or hope. As she succumbs to dehydration and hunger strange Cat like people find her and help her. She recovers to find herself in a world of magic and science, a world slowly descending into war. Her new friends take her to their home in search of answers to her question of how she had gotten there and how she would get back home.

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    In her search for a way back to the only home she has ever known, she finds friendship, betrayal, and touch of the power that waits within her. Will her journey end in success or disappointment? Will she discover who she really is?