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Adam Schiff, who is leading the impeachment inquiry, said he can already see clear arguments that Trump committed 'bribery', as well as 'high crimes and misdemeanors'. Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized yet again - and the woman responsible was caught on camera committing the felony Tuesday morning in California. The six senators running for president may find themselves in a time crunch, with President Trump's impeachment trial running six hours a day, for six days a week for six to eight weeks.

Trump, 73, was seen exiting the presidential limousine with toilet paper stuck to his shoe on Tuesday ahead of his Marine One flight to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Israelis could be headed for a third election soon. Mick Mulvaney said Tuesday he will obey the White House instructions to refuse to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry, walking back on his plans to file a lawsuit asking the courts to decide if he needed to listen to the president or Congress.

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Jean Carroll made the claims during a panel at Glamour's Women of the Year Summit in New York City on Sunday, revealing that her legal team had been trying to serve the lawsuit for a week. The Trump administration is considering tying foreign aid payments to how countries treat their religious minorities. Ren Zhengfei, the year-old founder of the Chinese telecom giant, will hand the handsome sum to his staff who developed back-up plans and products after Washington hit it with a strict trade ban in May.

President Donald Trump phoned his then-national security advisor after he saw a December report on naval maneuver following the Russia-Ukraine clash in the Kerch Straight. Nikki Haley, in a rare move, spoke out against Donald Trump for seeking assistance from Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, but voiced her continued her support for her former boss. Donald Trump asserted Tuesday morning that Joe Biden and his son Hunter should be forced to appear in Congress to testify as part of the impeachment hearings.

Sean Spicer, 48, was kicked off the US dance competition after a nine-week stint. Trump tweeted asking his supporters to vote for Spicer but deleted the tweet after he was eliminated. Donald Trump tweeted on Monday night that he would release the transcript of his first call with Volodymyr Zelensky at some point this week.

Rudy Giuliani was overheard on Saturday floating launching a podcast that would focus on providing analysis of the public hearings related to the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. A Trump appointed federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Monday against New York's attorney general and state tax commissioner ruling that his D.

Donald Trump attended the Veteran Day parade in New York City, paying tribute to all those who had served and boasting of America's military strength. There were protested outside. President Trump floated a new conspiracy theory Monday, kicking off a week that will feature the first televised impeachment proceedings. Minnesota Democratic Rep.

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Ilhan Omar called the sudden resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales a 'coup,' echoing language by leaders of left-wing countries. Because you're impressing no one here to get a date in person. Donald Trump has proposed reducing the number of federal judges to help stop his policies from getting stuck in the court system, an upcoming expose book outlines.

Sources have claimed it was the State Department who released promised military aid to Ukraine and not Trump, who claims he personally authorized it amid a Democratic impeachment inquiry. Mac Thornberry, of Texas, broke unwritten Republican protocol to publicly rebuke Trump for his 'inappropriate' July 25 phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky. Lev Parnas seen above with Rudy Giuliani alleges that he and another associate were directed to give an ultimatum to newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky inset.

Citing their support for the current arrangement whereby the commissioners appoint the library board, the county commissioners refused to provide the requisite resolution. The next salvo in the conflict came from the library, when director Conable announced that the board would meet in closed session to review another legal opinion. Citing attorney-client privilege as the justification for the private meeting, Conable also said that he was empowered as director to hire a lawyer when needed. The twenty citizens who attended the library board meeting on March 16 were excused when Sedler reviewed his opinion.

Once removed from the meeting, the citizens held signs and posters complaining that the closed meeting was illegal and wasted taxpayer money. At a meeting on March 31, the human resources committee, three lawyers involved with the controversy, and library representatives participated in the ongoing discussion, though the forty people in attendance were only allowed observer status during this official committee work session.

Bruce Laidlaw, the interim general counsel representing the library, who was aligned with Robert Sedler, disagreed that this book would fail the legal litmus test of finding some artistic, educational, or scientific value, even among the average seventeen year old. Both Laidlaw and Sedler had been unable to find a single case where the court had declared a specific work legal for adults but lawfully obscene for minors.

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In a more constructive way, their collective voice was represented when twenty questions originating from the county residents were asked of Director Conable. From the meeting two key action items emerged. The other outcome of the meeting was a decision to draft a proposal for the full board of commissioners to adopt a resolution similar to one enacted in neighboring Ingham County, which required the library board to define policy to restrict access to sexually explicit materials that are harmful to minors. As requested, Braunlich drafted a one-page resolution for the county commissioners that urged the library officials to restrict access to books that are considered sexually explicit and therefore harmful to minors on the basis of community standards.

In keeping with his steadfast resolve to follow the Constitution and rule of law, Conable also issued an open request to lawyers Swinkey or Braunlich to provide detailed legal supporting evidence for their positions that lawyers Sedler and Laidlaw disputed. Despite the overwhelming support for this resolution among the commissioners, they also acknowledged that they cannot force the library board to change policy, so no change was expected.

After almost four months of uproar over the purchase and circulation of Sex by the county library, only a few residents commented on this topic at the April 13 commissioner meeting.

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To that end, the majority of the commissioners selected William Carrigan, who openly opposed the acquisition of Sex in the library, to join the library board in June In August, new library board member Carrigan submitted a proposal to change library policy by introducing restrictions to some materials. No prepublication copies were released, ostensibly to heighten the allure of the forbidden content.

Once published, major book reviewers panned Sex, so the decision to withhold advance copies may have been an attempt to delay the inevitable bad press. For many librarians, there was no satisfactory answer to the many dilemmas this title created: purchase this pricey book and accept the likelihood that it might be stolen, vandalized, or quickly worn out. Further, library directors might expect calls to remove it from the collection, charges of peddling pornography, and motions to restrict access to adults.

On the other hand, decisions not to acquire the book could expose the library to justified charges of censorship in selection. For the first time in recent memory, a book with undeniable and sustained best-seller status, as well as great reader interest, pushed the limits of what the populace considered acceptable mainstream reading. For librarians who did not reject this purchase out of hand, this title became a litmus test of their principles, policies, and practices. Individual citizens, action groups, and county boards protested decisions to acquire the title as well as the policies that supported unrestricted access to Sex once it was added to the library catalog.

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Reports in multiple issues of the Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom in showed a clustering of activity in the southwest, midwest, and east coast. Failing that, there was a call to remove the book from the library and to recall lawmakers who did not comply. Library Director David Henington, whose resignation had been requested by the citizen group, convened a review committee.

In two cases, library directors in Austin, Texas, and Downers Grove, Illinois, responded to written attorney opinions by limiting access to persons over eighteen. The Des Moines, Iowa, public library similarly restricted viewing by keeping the book in the reference area, with access limited to readers eighteen and older. Louis, Missouri, orders that had already been placed were canceled following numerous complaints. The public libraries in Champaign, Illinois, and Manchester, Connecticut, delayed decisions on access and circulation after the book was received.

In and , at the height of the Sex controversy, the reported cases increased to and , respectively. The amount of challenges to library materials continued to increase significantly, with reports in and in In , the number of cases dropped to While these numbers are significant, it is difficult to determine if fluctuations reflect changes in reporting, a rise or fall in censorship activity, or a combination of both. Of the public libraries, 36 academic libraries, and 66 special libraries, only 3 public libraries and 2 academic libraries reported acquiring this sex fantasy book.

Respondents were asked to designate criteria used not to purchase the title, choosing all categories that applied: Here are the results When community standards alone carry significant weight in determining material purchases, the librarian may neglect his or her responsibility to provide all viewpoints on a controversial topic. When paired with cost and book reviews, the decision not to purchase gains strength. The wise librarian takes great care to ensure that such criteria are always equally applied to all acquisitions and not only to provide convenient reasons when confronted with a potentially contentious selection.

Fifteen years after the publication of Sex, the OCLC WorldCat catalog, a global bibliographic database, listed library holdings for this title in eight countries, forty U.

Title IX enacted

The remainder was divided among public libraries 23 percent , art libraries and museums 10 percent , and other special libraries 4 percent. Because of poor binding quality, even moderate use would damage this book. Given the uproar and interest in the Sex book, it is quite possible that consecutive circulations occurred at public libraries.

If so, representative OCLC holdings from the public library group type may have been higher immediately following its purchase in late When anger is generated in some segments of the population by the presence of controversial items in library collections, vandalism may occur. This too would prompt the removal of the title from the collection and OCLC holdings. One might question if the strong and unwavering persona that Conable displayed to his staff, the library board, and the general public might differ from Conable the private citizen.

Irene Conable, herself a librarian, quickly dismissed that possibility. Throughout the duration of this series of events, Conable kept in contact with the staff of the OIF, generally to keep them apprised of developments. While the OIF staff served as a sounding board for and offered advice to Conable, this was clearly not a situation where a librarian needed significant help and direction to handle that which was not taught in library school. It would be naive to think that enduring months of personal and professional attack would not have some profound affect on a person.

It must be stated that Conable did not baulk at controversy. Sadly, the sustained tension of many months of discord and personal attacks manifested itself in a life-threatening medical condition. It is just not true.

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  4. Again, this is just him attributing bad motives to these politicians. Just absurd. The late-night host, who went on a 9-minute rant last night, gave a brief response to the "nuts" attacking him after he called out the NRA for having a grip on the Republican party's Jimmy Kimmel gives an emotion monologue on the shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 59 dead and over injured. Kimmel, who grew up in Vegas, said sending your thoughts and prayers is not enough and called out the NRA and Republican Senators who have "their balls in a money clip" by the Back to Videos. Shapiro responds:.

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