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Journal of Lipid Research. Edited by Phyllis I.

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Abstract NSF N -ethylmaleimide sensitive factor and its yeast counterpart Sec18 are highly conserved homohexameric proteins that play vital roles in eukaryotic membrane trafficking. Footnotes The author declares that he has no conflicts of interest with the contents of this article. Sparks , Andres S. Arango , Matthew L. Starr , Zachary L.

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Aboff , Logan R. Hurst , David A.

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Harnden , Jermaine L. Jenkins , Wayne C. Guida , Emad Tajkhorshid , and Rutilio A. Enders, W. Gary Anderson, Margaret F. Docker, Dan J. Isaak, Travis C. Durhack, and Jason R.

Obtaining accurate glucose measurements from wild animals under field conditions: comparing a hand held glucometer with a standard laboratory technique in grey seals Kimberley A. Bennett, Lucy M. Turner, Sebastian Millward, Simon E. Moss, and Ailsa J. Calibration of the HemoCue point-of-care analyser for determining haemoglobin concentration in a lizard and a fish Sarah J.

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Andrewartha, Suzanne L. Munns, and Ashley Edwards. Shotgun proteomics as a viable approach for biological discovery in the Pacific oyster Emma Timmins-Schiffman, Brook L. Nunn, David R. Goodlett, and Steven B. Development and application of an antibody-based protein microarray to assess physiological stress in grizzly bears Ursus arctos Ruth I. Carlson, Marc R. Cattet, Bryan L.

Sarauer, Scott E. Nielsen, John Boulanger, Gordon B.

Ludwig: A Toolbox for Training and Testing Deep Learning Models without Writing Code

Stenhouse, and David M. Coupling gene-based and classic veterinary diagnostics improves interpretation of health and immune function in the Agassiz's desert tortoise Gopherus agassizii K. Lewison, Todd C. Esque, Kenneth E.

new paper: "The metaRbolomics Toolbox in Bioconductor and beyond" | R-bloggers

Nussear, Josephine Braun, Shannon C. Waters, and A. Keith Miles.

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  6. Molecular indices of viral disease development in wild migrating salmon Kristina M. Miller, Oliver P. Kaukinen, and Tobi J. Parasites, stress and reindeer: infection with abomasal nematodes is not associated with elevated glucocorticoid levels in hair or faeces A. Carlsson, G. Mastromonaco, E. Vandervalk, and S.

    Tools for the ex situ conservation of the threatened species, Cycladenia humilis var. Long-term effect of carbohydrate reserves on growth and reproduction of Prosopis denudans Fabaceae : implications for conservation of woody perennials Alejandra E. Vilela, Paola R. A practical field extraction method for non-invasive monitoring of hormone activity in the black rhinoceros Katie L. Edwards, Hannah M. Baleen hormones: a novel tool for retrospective assessment of stress and reproduction in bowhead whales Balaena mysticetus Kathleen E.

    Enzyme immunoassays as a method for quantifying hair reproductive hormones in two felid species C. Terwissen, G. Mastromonaco, and D. Burgess, Kathleen E. Hunt, Scott D.

    Dataset and GIS toolbox for modeling potential tree belt functions

    Kraus, and Rosalind M. Longitudinal progesterone profiles in baleen from female North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis match known calving history Kathleen E. Hunt, Nadine S. Lysiak, Michael J. Moore, and Rosalind M.

    The Quarterly Review of Biology

    Effects of post-mortem storage conditions of bovine epididymides on sperm characteristics: investigating a tool for preservation of sperm from endangered species Julie Strand, Mette M. Ragborg, Hanne S. Pedersen, Torsten N. Kristensen, Cino Pertoldi, and Henrik Callesen. Multiple steroid and thyroid hormones detected in baleen from eight whale species Kathleen E.

    Lysiak, Jooke Robbins, Michael J. Moore, Rosemary E. Seton, Leigh Torres, and C.