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Bearb, Volume 2 ePub. The status of this game, including when and where it was played, offers an intriguing possibility. It is well known that Morphy defeated Theodor Lichtenhein at the First American Chess Congress, New York , by the score of , with 1 draw, and that all four games appear in the tournament book. Not every source, however, gives this precise score.

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper for 14 November records the total for Morphy against Lichtenhein as , with 1 draw. This in itself would mean little were it not for the fact that a fourth win by Morphy against Lichtenhein appears in the February issue of Fiske's Chess Monthly along with other games under the heading "Chess in the Late Congress" see pp. Could it be possible that Morphy, waiting for Paulsen to complete his round, in fact played two additional, although officially unnecessary, games with Lichtenhein during the Congress, thus accounting for the Chess Monthly game and, now, this one?

The line between games played "at" such early congresses, here as well as in Europe, and those played officially "in" such events, often was blurred in the press during these early years of chess reportage. In other words, could it be possible that the game below represents the "fifth" Morphy win over Lichtenhein, as reported in Frank Leslie's?

If so, not only does the game represent a hitherto "lost" Morphy game, but an even rarer one: a new Morphy game played in the United States on equal terms and under tournament-like, if not actual tournament, conditions. Nothing conclusive can yet be said, but it appears quite likely, to me, at least, that whatever the precise venue, Nick Pope has found a forgotten Paul Morphy game. All those interested in American chess history owe him thanks for his diligence. The game with its original annotations follows, along with Nick's recounting of his research, and then the image of the original column.

Skizze aus der Schachwelt , ; Lange's Paul Morphy.

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Skizze aus der Schachwelt. Bohn Edition; Lange's Paul Morphy. This is the ninth in the series of major international chess events held on the Rock but the first one to be sponsored by Tradewise Insurance. For the most part, round one of the Masters saw the big stars defeat their more modestly rated opponents. World number nine Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine, making his debut in Gibraltar, was too strong for French IM Jean-Baptiste Mullon, and a similar story continued down the list of boards, with only a handful of the lower-rated players escaping with results against their more illustrious rivals.

One possible theory behind these results was jet lag - flying west-east is allegedly the worst form of this affliction. Stuart and new commentator Simon Williams behind the new specially built desk controlling the internet live streaming. Simon put in a five-hour stint at the microphone in the specially-equipped commentary room at the Caleta Hotel and did a great job.

A couple of those hours he spent in the company of the English super-GM Nigel Short, after the former world championship finalist had won his own game. Nigel was his usual witty and erudite self, entertaining the audience with all manner of anecdotes and advice. Blue pieces. Continuing this theme, there are giant blue pieces in strategic places all around the hotel.

On two consecutive days they were not permitted to board the British Airways flight from London to Gibraltar because they do not hold Shengen visas and, in view of the uncertain weather conditions here, BA thought it likely that the flights would have to re-route to Malaga. As it happens, both Sunday and Monday flights did land at Gibraltar.

The British Chess Magazine, Volume 27

On Tuesday morning they were finally allowed to board a flight - but, contrary to expectations, this plane was diverted to Malaga airport! Oh dear! Irina Krush, who was travelling with the group, now continued her journey to Gibraltar without further delay and arrived in time for the first round. The remaining five people, however, were detained by Spanish authorities while emergency transit visas were processed. This procedure took an excruciatingly long time - some eight or nine hours - until they were finally allowed to travel to Gibraltar. Vaibhav and his sister are staying at the Bristol Hotel and the others are at the Caleta Hotel.

These four players have been given a half-point bye in round one. The "Where's Ulf? Talking of lateness Perhaps not a record but very unusual. Ngf3 Nf6 5. Be2 f6 7. Nf1 Bd6 9.