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It was winter and or liminal space of a stoep, an essential feature of the wind, merciless and dry because of the drought, drove personalized houses in city neighbourhoods such as clouds of white dust from the mine dumps through the Fordsburg or District Six, were built to prototypes streets of the township.

Some stared with blind, illiterate Hanover Park on the Cape Flats, the latter cruelly eys at the bright sheets of paper. Even those who could read were puzzled by the pronouncements.

But now was not the named for the main street of District Six it was right time to go out and explain the new rules and regula- supposed to replace. When son's widow, she settles in an older standard'' houses of the others have Samson himself dies, however, it is apartment building, occupied mostly none.


Yet the as yet, the apartheid state. Instead of the side their active Jane, the bird in free flight, households headed by women. As with Jane, Dor- is twinned with Malik, who is fond of citing the othy's extraordinariness takes on magical properties, Gujarati poet, Iqbal, whose poem about the agony of at least in her neighbours' eyes. When Dorothy buries a bird in a cage has become something of a leitmotif in Muriel in a ceremony so extravagant that the denizens 25 prison literature in South Africa. Dangor retreats from the power of the image Perhaps her flight to the Truth Like the funeral, Dorothy's wedding to James is Floor at the police station was a hallucination'' He the elusiveness of that desire.

If Jane's ing lover, Georgie da Silva. And a toilet'' 97 , because she wants no part He retreats to the small town from whence he of Jane's money.

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Like feeling as if his lungs are contracted modes of being. It was a matter of life or Wallace, has left him, the protagonist, and perhaps also from Muslim prob- death. Of course there are comparisons to in this confession to an as yet un- ity to Judeo-Christian laxity from be made. A Muslim can newly impoverished township entrepre- Cape Muslim Ebrahim Abe Schroe- pass as a Jew, apparently because they neur, was a form of death.

I changed from Omar Khan to Oscar Kahn, fair-skinned der, married to the Zionist and para- are already kin. It was like location, social space and custom. South African writer to link Jews and leaving one dimension of the world for an- This shift is so radical that he can call other, where time and place remained the Muslims. Omar-turned-Oscar left the town- for another'' 23 , but also sufficiently soon-to-be former residents of Cale- ships and moved to the suburbs, where mundane that its difference can be don Road attend Solomon Katzen's the rustle of the wind in the trees filled him with a strange peace Trees creaked and gates scraped upon unoiled hinges, time, in the s, when wealthy turned-friends is juxtaposed with neither necessarily signifying any kind of suburbs were still shielded by state Mary Brown's comment on the simi- intrusion.

In the townships, such noises violence from the escalation of crim- larity between the Jewish Dieter Kat- made you tense and alert. Like Samad in Waiting for Leila At the same time, Oscar's sense of As the nearest male relative, he [Dieter] and Jane in Z Town trilogy, Omar the unreality of his new life and thus rose and stood in front to recite the Kad- the foreshadowing of his disease and dish Mary looked from Dieter to Amaai Khan in Kafka's curse is adrift who sat opposite her.

The facial similarity from his original environment. Unlike death is registered in the contrast was striking.

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Both had the same sallow his predecessors, however, Omar-Os- between the actual township where complexion, the same hair colour and tex- Khan was born Newclare, near So- ture, the same fine facial bone structure. Maybe they were cousins. Rive initially, he makes his own. The to which Kahn migrates Parkside , as Omar's passing into light of other fictional representations daughter Katryn turned Muslim Oscar is thus registered less in racial of Jews in South Africa, Marcia Kulsum on his father's, Omar finds impersonation than in spatial and Leveson In 51 , more sexually active, in her relations not only appropriating the journey to passing respectability with Oscar, but, after his death, with Malik as well, which has been the subject of several fictions about and perhaps most surprising, by making the sexual Jews, from overtly anti-Semitic satire to ambiguous predator of the novella a WASP, Anna's brother treatment by assimilated Jews, Dangor revitalizes the Martin Wallace, whose incestuous appetite threatens figure of the Jew as anxious and ailing parvenu, which to consume not only his sister, but his daughters too.

Although the death of his mother and cross an invisible divide'' Dangor Suddenly Jews, applies to other minorities as he was overcome, each night, by cough- a Jewish imposter.

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Despite his prin- ing spasms that shook his body, his eyes well, even in a possibly post-apartheid cely name Khan , Omar lacks the bulging as if he were near to madness. Oscar's Qur'an in a minor key, in a way dition. Then Oscar was struck by an ill- ness that reversed the whole natural order cleansing'' 42 , suggest that the con- largely invented.

But his inability to of his being He also takes readers, South African or their differences. The gadat prayer service equation or resolution of these differences. Transla- takes on a collective value'' Like tions are my own, unless otherwise attributed.

Margaret Cairns , to community historian Achmat Davids Only recently has a socially engaged 7 Although Roach's circum-Atlantic analysis en- history of slavery emerged; see Worden and Crais compasses the Caribbean and, indirectly, West Africa, As Ward and Worden This discre- Simone writes Nelson b lists these identities in present-day South Africa and hence only one South African writer of Indian descent: Essop cannot simply be scrapped or scare-quoted out of use. Patel, a poet best known for his edition of Can Them- ba's writing.

It omits the work of more prolific authors, 2 Desai's account of coercion, even kidnapping, is corro- such as Ahmed Essop prose fiction and Ronnie Go- borated by Marina Carter's comparative study , vender prose and drama , or other published writers but the standard South African accounts tend to pass such as Ismael Mahomed drama or Deena Padaya- over the question of coerced passage, focusing in- chee poetry and prose , not to mention women writers, stead on Indian life in South Africa.

His edited collection of es- early as thes by Cape historians; for recent reitera- says a has only one essay that discusses a tions of the myth, see Desai According to records in the Dutch East In- Joseph Dangor's title al- units'' xvi. Can you imagine the difficulties I competition or collaboration in these areas, but does would have had, had he turned into a grain of sand or not note that this sociological similarity applies more to some hardy desert shrub? No room for decay there. Beyond its immediate significance for the plot, the com- mentary that Dangor puts into his protagonist's mouth 28 An obvious candidate for the former is Stephen Black's play, Helena's hope Ltd , whose villain, Abraham reminds readers of the impact of Muslim and specifi- Goldenstein, is a Jewish parvenu in Parktown.

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Leveson cally Arabic culture on quite different societies and the As is now acknowl- ence retain a racial cast even in the era of assimilation. The Z Town trilogy. Indian mi- terly Witwa- De Kock, L. The pursuit of smaller stories: Rethink- Indian South Africans. Witwaters- rand University Press.

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Apartheid and the Indian, Biko, SB. I write what I like. Bradlow, FR and M Cairns. Maskew study of their mosques, genealogy, and origins. The wretched of the earth. Dictionary of Indonesian Islam. Leicester Univer- Freud, S. The complete psychologi- Longman. Franz Kafka, the Jewish patient. The struggle for District South Africa. Six past and present.

The contribution of the slaves to the genera- mittee. Judin, H and I Vladislavi eds. Email communication to author, 7 June. The production of space.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

D Nichol- Rive, R. Research in African Literatures 25 4: Memory is a weapon. The roots of anti-Semitism in South Africa. Miquel, A and P Kemp. Blame me on history. Journal of Southern African Stu- Castle? Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

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Worden, N and K Ward. Commemorating, suppressing Reddy, YG. Nuttall, S and C Coetzee Pillay eds. The Indian South Africans: A trowel unearths his skull, a dental pick his strong but worn down teeth. II My head is an empty cave filled with seeds of light. Upon the walls are signatures I cannot read. III What can you learn from poets?