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Li turned out to have it in spades. Equal parts charming and infuriating, Li wrote prolifically and vividly about emotion, human nature, and the world around him, describing not only the lives of the well-to-do, but also of the common people of China.

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As such, seekers of detailed literary scholarship and a more specialized analysis of the poems themselves will have to look to other translators and scholars. Though he demonstrates an immense capacity for recognizing and conveying the emotions of others, his diva-like tantrums jostled the trajectory of his career.

Li steps on his own foot whenever he gets the chance to acquire a steady income or succeed in his many social-climbing endeavors. Even in high office, Li could not switch off his larger-than-life personality.

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One day when the emperor summoned him to compose a poem chronicling a court rite, Li arrived so drunk that he soiled his robes, vomited repeatedly, and demanded that Gao Lishi, the grand eunuch, personally remove his boots. The wine and food that fueled his poetry could not simply fall from the sky.

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Throughout the book are sprinkled flowery love ballads, earnest expressions of gratitude, and stinging insult-laden missives, many of which are specific to exact points in time. But to Li himself, when he composed it in the summer of , it took on a different meaning.


Given what we now know about his ego, Li would have been pleased that he is renowned for his poetry and not for his civil service career. In a world of flowery language where drink flows freely, examining the nadir of a poet who thought himself immortal is a surprisingly sobering opportunity.

Your email address will not be published. This collection of sci-fi writer Chiang's first eight stories leads readers through various fantastical worlds and ideas, such as that of a man building a tower to heaven.

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Here, he encourages readers to imagine the otherworldly, offering exciting and disturbing prose with one story even set in the world of The Matrix. With 30 stories, Chekov's signature stream-of-consciousness writing style is on full display as he interprets life in Russia.

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