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Evan Luthra has that rare and coveted ability to turn original ideas into businesses that are both innovative and profitable. At 24 years-old, he has an already impressive resume and career history. He started his journey as a serial entrepreneur as an adolescent and was bitten by the "digital bug" early and often.

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This forward thinking, technology-minded entrepreneur embarked on his first digital endeavor at just twelve years old by curating technology-related news, and he garnered a , readers in doing so. He then began developing mobile apps with the advent of mobile app popularity. Always on the cusp and leading edge of new trends and innovations, he has become a true innovator and a recognized name in the world of Startups.

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He has started various technology companies and built products used by millions of people. As he refused to listen to people with limiting beliefs, his experience from a struggling innovator to a leading entrepreneur inspired many when he exited his first company for 7 figures and simountesly took over the TedX stage at Evan has extensive knowledge and experience in mobile apps and his company, EL Group International has developed and delivered mobile apps for major Fortune companies.

Evan's strategy follows a simple, but proven formula: conceptualize, innovate, execute. He believes in stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring the power of conceptualization, innovation and execution. The thought that 'entrepreneurs are dreamers and doers' led his path to the most talked about technology today blockchain. His work in the Blockchain space primarily revolves around working with and investing in leading companies such as Hygh. He has also received a honorary Ph.

Evan is an accredited Angel Investor and invests in a variety of products and businesses. From being the first investor over snapchat , to an early investor in Eaze. He is a featured speaker at different universities and conferences around the globe; he speaks about Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurship and trending tech topics, to huge audiences and has spoken for Tedx, United Nations, Google, Nielsen and has done guest lectures at Delhi University, Washington State University, San Francisco State University and more.

The amendments are effective immediately and include changes to critical timing, definitional, and Since public bidding began in the State of New Jersey, contractors have had to be especially diligent in the computation and review of their bid packages. This is because New Jersey has remained one of the few states that does not have an Cohen Seglias partner Edward T. DeLisle recently wrote the following post for our sister blog, Federal Construction Contracting Blog, which we thought would be of interest to Construction Law Signal readers as well.

As of Friday, February 4, , Christopher P. I recently had the pleasure to chat with Mr. Lane F. Kelman contributed to this post. A recent increase in fraud investigations relating to disadvantaged business enterprises DBEs has caused companies to revisit the qualifications of the DBEs they work with. Two recent investigations in New The bill, A. Recent Pennsylvania court decisions have virtually eliminated any insurance coverage under commercial general liability policies for claims brought against general contractors arising from the faulty workmanship of their subcontractors.

Jonathan A. In doing so, the Lien rights provide another avenue of protection if and when payment is not made for work performed. Contractors should beware however, The luxury hotel chain, the Four Seasons, has been building an story, room hotel in Harbor East, Baltimore for over a year now. On Thursday, January 6, , In terms of solar power, New Jersey is very progressive. New Jersey is a frontrunner in renewable energy production, and currently has the second highest capacity of solar power in the country — California is first.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has decided to reconsider its own recent ruling that made information considered by an expert fair ground for full discovery by other parties in the lawsuit. Barrick v. Holy Spirit Hospital On September 16, , in HICPA was designed to protect purchasers of home improvement services from contractors engaging in deceitful business practices or doing shoddy Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell announced Monday that new state investments for Warren and Erie counties have been approved. Contractors and subcontractors must be particularly vigilant in protecting their lien rights in these uncertain economic times.

Despite an investment of time and labor into a project, contractors and subcontractors may be faced with a defaulting A new trend in sports stadiums becoming environmentally friendly has begun to take off.

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PHL is said to be the 6th most delayed U. The expansion plan includes Cass, senior counsel with Cohen Seglias contributed to this post. Your company is sued as a result of an alleged constructive defect. You tender the claim to your insurance company and they hire and pay for a lawyer to defend your Owners and contractors should be aware of a significant October Pennsylvania Superior Court decision, Zimmerman v.

Harrisburg Fudd I, L. The new standards were approved just days before a 13, gallon fracking fluid spill The New Jersey state legislature recently approved A, a bill that would require solar panels to be included in the design and construction of all new public schools across the state. The Assembly Appropriations Committee is awaiting assurance Getting paid on time for work performed on a construction project is a natural concern for subcontractors.

Generally speaking, your subcontract with the general contractor contains a payment clause that sets forth when and how you are entitled to This amendment would have delayed the implementation of the residential sprinkler mandate until January As promised, the Pennsylvania House of The grants will be used to fund 21 projects that will encourage the use of biofuels and technological developments At a press conference held in York, Pennsylvania, Rendell explained that the freight investment would Although nobody is immune from the effects of the downturn in the economy, contractors and subcontractors are especially vulnerable in these uncertain times.

Even after investing time and labor, contractors and subcontractors face the possibility of The Brooklyn Bridge is made up of approximately 11, tropical wood planks that are exposed to heavy foot and bicycle traffic. Due to the heavy use, the planks require routine replacement. The New York City According to an Notice to Proposers, the proposal submission deadline Steven M. Williams contributed this post. In December , Pennsylvania became the first state in the country to require that fire sprinklers be installed in all new residential construction.

The law took effect on January 1, for townhouses Scott T. Earle and Daniella Gordon contributed to this post.

A recent Delaware Supreme Court decision limited the field of bond claimants on a private project. In the case, Berlin Steel proper claimants under bond. Although entering the public bidding arena presents contractors with a plethora of opportunities, these opportunities do not come without risk. As many contractors can attest, oftentimes public bidding can seem more like gambling than bidding. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is currently reviewing a new state capital budget that is calling for numerous new development projects across the state.

After this date, The FMLA, which covers employers with at least Both Pennsylvania Governor Ed The Act was designed to provide immediate relief and is expected to provide critical resources to help small businesses continue to drive This new law goes into effect on February 10, , and will have a dramatic impact on all construction Under Pennsylvania law, there are several courses of action a subcontractor can take to recover payment.

One option is for a Funded Projects On the agenda of funded projects are intersection and sidewalk improvements, such as realignment of Building information modeling, commonly referred to as BIM, is a technology that has the potential to revolutionize the process of project design and construction. In Maryland, contractors who perform home improvements are required to be licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

In addition to facing civil and criminal fines and penalties, unlicensed contractors risk losing the ability to enforce It is becoming increasingly important for owners of land with Marcellus Shale gas wells currently in use, or that may be in use in the future, to make sure that they have a plan in place to ensure financial stability for themselves and their Just one day after lifting a suspension for all New Jersey Department of Transportation NJDOT construction and design projects, the hold is back on for about design and planning projects. Governor Christie stopped the The New Jersey Superior Court recently issued an opinion that serves as a cautionary tale for all parties in a construction project who perform work without complete, signed copies of their contracts on hand.

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In the case of City of Union City v. The project to expand the State Correctional Institute at Graterford due to overcrowding has been canceled. Currently, the prison houses 2, inmates, but it is so crowded that prisoners are being shipped to Michigan and Virginia. The project was The April 20, BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been called the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Although the well was recently capped, the spill has resulted in tightened regulations on oil drilling which may unexpectedly In honor of the increased international and national focus on green building initiatives, we wanted to provide a brief Do you know if you are required to file? If so, have you gathered all the information The DRPA is responsible for operating 4 toll President Obama called for Congress to In , at the height of railroad expansion in the United States, there were more than , miles of railroad track across the Kelman, partner with Cohen Seglias, contributed to this post.

The purpose of the Act is to make New Jersey a leader in offshore wind power. Anthony M. Bottenfield, associate at Cohen Seglias contributed to this post.

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The New Jersey Supreme Court recently issued a unanimous opinion that will impact anyone who eliminates evidence of alleged construction defects before providing an There has been much public discussion centered on the appropriateness of building a mosque in close proximity to Ground Zero. The political aspects Gas companies have long been aware of the shale, but until recently, the trapped gas was In the world of construction litigation, everything begins and ends with your contract.

Although contract drafting and negotiation may feel like a burdensome process that stands in the way of commencing work and earning profits, it is probably one Savvy contractors looking to enter the green building market should keep their eye out for new areas of green building.

One new area is likely to be sports complex construction. Contractors and subcontractors who engage in public work must be mindful of the language contained in bid solicitations. While it is easy to presume that the solicitations or advertisements for certain types of contracts are consistent within the About Us. Our People. Client Portal. Search Search. Lori Wisniewski Azzara Alexander F. Barth Robert K. Beste, Jr. Evan A. Blaker Ryan Boonstra Anthony M. Bottenfield Wayne Buckwalter Jennifer R. Budd Anthony L.

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