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Can legacy brands like Ann Taylor adapt? The perfect resume is all about mind games. Why does the gender wage gap still exist? Tina Tchen: Workplace harassment is a diversity problem.

How reading body language can help you get a raise. JPMorgan is hiring women who left careers to have kids. The number of female Fortune CEOs is shrinking. Could future offices be homes for farm animals?

e-book Hot Jobs with Cool Companies

What if a digital twin could go to work for you? More from Success. Now you're the boss Dorm mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable. His startup aims to change that Damage control: How managers can recover from common blunders. He pointed to the strong job market and low unemployment rate as the reason for this surge in ghosting by new hires.

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The applicant accepted an offer and passed the background check. Everything was ready to go," said Lindner.

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But at least this candidate called the next day to explain what happened. Another new hire failed to show on the first day 18 months ago and Lindner still has no idea what happened. It was complete job abandonment. The company called, emailed, texted and eventually had to send a formal letter terminating the employment. Flaking on the first day of work isn't completely new.

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The move tends to flare up in hot job markets when job seekers have more power. Jeremy Tolley, chief people officer at CareHere, said he started noticing more no-shows in That year, he said a dozen candidates didn't show up for their first day. His company operates health and wellness centers for employers across the country.

To combat the problem, the company created a better career website and increased the amount of contact with candidates leading up to their first day to establish more of a relationship. Got a job offer? Here's how to negotiate a counter offer with your current employer. When a new worker doesn't show up, it means starting the expensive and time-consuming hiring process over. And that also puts pressure on existing employees. Employees often feel the toll when a position sits vacant for a long period of time. Search through millions of jobs.

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Keyword or Title. Search for Companies. Search Career Advice. Employers: Create Your Own Videos! More of our top picks:. The tools you need to find the right fit.

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