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Ich bitte darum, Roman Polanski umgehend an Frankreich auszuliefern. Polanski drugged and raped — orally, vaginally, and annally — a non-consenting 13 year old girl. Salut les malades du showbaise.

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Elle est dupe. Nous sommes avec lui contre la barbarie. Eugenia Varela Navarro. Of course we all agree rape is forbidden, of course we all agree rape must be punished, everyone agree on that point. But did it happened the way what you assert? Only the young girl who is know a woman can tell. He was arrested. He went to jail. Then he flew away because he was afraid of being punished for a rape he said he did not do.

Today the problem is : Action court should have been finished long time ago by now. Roman Polanski was not hiding, he has been living a public life making movies, etc, since he came back to Europe in He could have been arrested any time!!! This man could have been arrested in the 70s, 80s, 90s…. Mais les faits reconnus par lui, rappelons-le sont accablants. Le milieu artistique et intellectuel a beaucoup perdu dans cette histoire.

Oui, je confirme la censure sur ce blog. Que du verbiage, des paroles creuses. Bande de Tartufes! En vous remerciant encore pour votre brillante action. Or maybe you closed your eyes… She was druged, raped, and sodomized. But everybody can see that you want to listen to only one side of the story. It is truly disgusting. Comme disait Zazie a 13 ans….

Le justice ne vient pas pour M. Il restait a Paris hors du justice des Etas Unis. Polanski a fait 42 jours en prison…pensez-vous que cette temps suffis pour le crime? Polanski doit retourne aus Etats Unis pour facer le court.

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Il avait plus que 30 ans de la liberte a faire ses choses. Maintenant il doit payer pour son crime contre une petite fille de 13 ans! Once there, he fed her champaign and a quaalude. He photographed her nude, he performed oral sex on her, he raped her vaginally and then he sodomized her. Polanski admitted what he did, he admitted that he knew she was 13, and he plead guilty to one felony count of sexual intercourse with a minor child. He was court ordered to undergo a 42 day psychiatric evaluation while awaiting sentencing.

During that time, he became afraid that the judge was going to send him to prison rather than allow him to go free, so he ran like a lowlife coward. He has had many chances to come back to the US and face his conviction like a man, and he has refused. He was convicted of child rape!

Do you not understand that?

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This is all a matter of court records. There was a new international warrant for his arrest issued in , and the US justice department has attempted to capture him before this at least six times and failed. Please, do the right thing and drop this petition. He was legally convicted of a felony crime, he was legally arrested in Switzerland, and he should be legally returned to the US to face his sentencing.

Do not be complicit in harboring or excusing a convicted felon!

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Mr Polanski est il au dessus des lois?? Aucun acte de viol ne doit rester impuni. Pareil pour moi. Je ne vous remercie pas.


Il ne faudra plus aller en Thailande comme monsieur le ministre, Mr. Ca fait de lui un homme en cavale. Des sacrifices il y en eu de tout temps et comme il y a prescription alors….

Justice je te fais encore confiance, mais pour combien de temps? Cette affaire est connue depuis 32 ans. Quel rapport???????

Au moins cela sera constructif. Where are the feminists?

Where are the advocates for children? This bestial man gave tranquilizers and alcohol to a middle-school girl 3 years below the age of consent, forcibly raped her in the vagina and anus as she wept in fear and pain, and ignored her sobbing pleas for him to stop until he had climaxed into her rectum. These are the facts of the case, these are the words of the victim from the official deposition, these are the facts to which Polanski stipulated agreement in his plea bargain.

This is what the filthy Hollywood scum are defending. I cannot believe a single decent human being would object if this diabolical pervert were to be taken against a wall and shot dead, much less to serve out an appropriate term in prison. I will never spend a penny of my entertainment dollar on anything produced by any of these people ever again. They are devils without souls. You are mere court jesters, the least valuable members of society.

I can live without you in my life. You are all dead to me forever. Read the transcript of the plea deal. Polanski: No response. Polanski: Yes.

Lettre ouverte de Tatiana Pliouchtch

Pourquoi avoir attendu 30 alors? Vous deraillez completement. Vous nous avez habitues a beaucoup, beaucoup mieux. I have read her full testimony of the crime Polanski committed and he must be punished. Que vous faut — il de plus? Les causes qui manquent de raison ont besoin de fortes paroles et une bonne cause ne saurait craindre aucun juge.