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Certains livres du NT ont des notes.

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Un travail monumental! Elle emploie Yahweh pour le nom divin. Du bon travail! Cependant, dans son introduction, J. Darby, en anglais. The New Simplified Bible is unitarian, monotheistic one God biased. John , 18; ; ; , 17; ; Exodus , 15 and many other references give evidence of this. The doctrine of the Trinity was established by the Roman Catholic Church in the fourth century after Christ. After the Reformation the Protestant churches continued to teach about this mysterious Trinity.

It is not a part of the origional teachings of the Holy Scriptures and therefore should not be considered when translating from the origional language. Apocryphes inclus. Soucieux de fournir aux francophones un texte bien meilleur, il entreprend la traduction du Pentateuque. Goodwin PDF, p. An Arabic version of the Testimonium Flavianum and its implications.

Évangile21 - Evangile 21

Jerusalem, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Josephus , vol. In the Loeb Classical Library. Lecture enrichissante. Ce sont les deux premiers chapitres d'un ouvrage plus complet sur les versions de la Bible. Pour chaque livre biblique, il y a le texte et de nombreux liens vers des commentaires.

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Clark, A ou ici. C'est en quelque sorte un requiem en faveur du dialogue interreligieux. Moderne avant l'heure. Le christianisme est comme un grand fleuve grossi et nourri de multiples affluents. L'essai est donc tumultueux lui aussi, un peu comme Hislop, Les Deux Babylones. John ou deity Gesenius ou ici en un seul fichier PDFp.

Quels en sont les auteurs? De quand datent-ils? Bauer en allemand : ici en traduction anglaise de With an appendix, By George E. Ellis : la controverse unitarienne n'a pas fini de faire couler de l'encre. Ici les Confessions en latin avec commentaire. Voir le Dictionnaire du copte de W. The Gospel of St. John according to the earliest Coptic Manuscript. The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria. Rhetorical criticism and Zechariah : analysis of a methodology for determining chiastic structures in biblical Hebrew texts. McDaniel , PH.

A-K et L-Z. Remarks on the Use of the Definite Article in the Greek Text of the New Testament containing many new proofs of the divinity of the Christ from passages which are wrongly translated in common english versions. Il y a comme cela de nombreux passages, et d'autres sont plus ambigus: ils font l'objet de l'article de Sharp.

Bibliographie sur le sujet :.

Couverture rigide noire

A Reexamination of the Granville Sharp Rule ou word. Ed Komoszewski , Th. Wallace, who accepts Sharp's rule as having some validity , has this to say about the man whose name it bears: "His strong belief in Christ's deity led him to study the Scriptures in the original in order to defend more ably that precious truth He noticed further that this rule applied in several texts to the deity of Jesus Christ" Wallace, page Daniel Wallace however demonstrated that the claim of this rule is too broad. Instead, a phrase that follows the form aticle-noun-"and"-noun, when the nouns involved are plurals, can involve two entirely distinct groups, two overlapping groups, two groups of which is one a subset of the other, or two identical groups Wallace, page ".

Elle se formule ainsi : "a definite predicate nominative has the article when it follows the verb; it does not have the article when it precedes the verb. No longer should Colwell's rule mislead us into thinking that an anarthrous predicate nominative preceding the verb is just as definite as the articular predicate nominative following the verb and that "there need be no doctrinal significance in the dropping of the article, for it is simply a matter of word-order. First, Colwell's rule cannot be applied to the verse as an argument for definiteness. Colwell's rule says that definite predicate nominatives preceding the verb usually are anarthrous.

The rule asserts nothing about definiteness.

It does not say that anarthrous predicate nominatives preceding the verb usually are definite. This is theconverse of the rule, and as such is not cessarily valid. Second, on the basis of the contrast with where the humanity of Christ is stressed , and on the basis of the comparison with the first two clauses in where two eternal qualities of the Logos are laid out , we conclude that theos is c stresses quality.

Dont les conclusions sont les suivantes : 1 First, it establishes objective criteria for determining whether a noun is either mass or count 2 Second it establishes that qualitativeness Q can exist independent of any other semantic tag 3 Third, it restricts the area of disputable texts to singular count nouns 4 Fourth, it pre-empts the post hoc fallacy, i. Wallace : Syntaxe de l'article. Introduction B. Origin C.

Function D.

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Regular Uses of the Article E. Absence of the Article D. Absence of the Article pp. Plan : a. Historical Background 1. The development of punctuation in the West 2. Punctuation in Hebrew 2a. The Jewish Academies - Mishna and Talmud 2b. From Talmud to Masoretic Text b. Hebrew Orthography and the Punctuation System 1. Pre-Masoretic signs 2. Masoretic points and accents 2a. Vocalisation: Hebrew Vowels 2b. Other non-punctuating Masoretic signs 2c. Masoretic punctuation signs.

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Wikipedia - cf. Metzger, The Text of the NT Voyez par ex les p. Oui sans doute. Voir aussi les figures des p. Burnouf sur Gallica.