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I am 50 years old and I have move 21 times. I have been happy in every place I have lived. From the broken down mobile homes to the 6 bedroom house with a pool. Currently I am living in Cuenca almost 2 years and love it!!! It is not the place but the person. I have been married to the man of my dreams for 33 years and where ever he moves me…. It seems that about half of the people that come here do end up leaving.

You write that making the choice to move to a new location is a failure and people are deceptive and try to cover their reasons.

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Being an expat. The great thing about being an adult is that one always has the freedom to change her mind. Thank you for the candor and honesty in this article. These are all areas that I was concerned about.

Mexico Visa and Residency Information: US Citizens Need to Know This

We really wanted warm weather in the winter, and a lower cost of living. So I think we will stay put, as we have are still concerned and cannot see much information on end of life preparations in Ecuador. Love your article. End of life preparations are essential … several very good questions.. Most expats, especially those who do so in search of cheaper prices, will flop about like fish out of water.

Guess moving to EC is how some people figure out their needs.

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This makes a very good point, especially in my case. I never realized how much I value peace and quiet until I came to live in Cuenca. They could care less if they disturb anyone. So, it comes down to whether I can either find a place where it is peaceful enough or whether I can adapt and just accept the noise. Of course, we moved to Berkeley, Calif in , also expecting to stay 3 to 5 years. Our next move was to Ecuador 25 years later, so who knows? We have visited 55 countries Iceland last month was 55 in our 42 years of marriage.

Always as a tourist though, jump in for 3 weeks, then back to work. Once we decided to retire, we thought it would be nice to do 3 years instead of 3 weeks.

Get a chance to live a different life and see things from a different perspective. Someday, we might even return to the States. We never ruled that out. This is a wonderful project Rick. My dear wife Rachel so far puts up with my passion for Ecuador and largely embraces it but with somewhat less enthusiasm. We bought and lived in a high rise gringolandia condo Palermo in Cuenca for a year. We still love Cuenca and love to return there to visit many dear friends and to enjoy the culture, upscale shopping and eating, free concerts, and the magic of Parque Calderon.

Rachel and I are both country folk. We embrace small town living and being close to the earth. We plan to travel more around South America in the future, but this is our home and for those things of the heart, it is all here. I think many people when researching a place to live look at a narrow focus rather than the big picture.

Even here in Cotacachi there are drawbacks. Most of the drawbacks are related to other gringos who fail to remember why we came here in the first place. From where we live we can walk down a beautiful rustic road with our dog days a year in perfect comfort. Imbabura preens on one side and Mt. Cotacachi on the other.

I meet Antonio Jose along this path frequently. He herds his two cows along this road.