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If so, I congratulate you. Just like any group of aficionados, we writers delve into the minutiae of our profession with fervor and relish, debating adverbs, Oxford commas, the length of scenes, and the evils of making readers look words up in the dictionary. Long gone are the days when you can front-load chapters on cetacean biology or any world-building element.

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Now maybe you can get away with it, but can you really blame the reader for skipping it? The second, B a prologue that plunges the reader into an incident, depends on dosage and concentration. What makes it so? This type of prologue at least makes an attempt at conflict, even if it is still somewhat meaningless.

No wonder prologues have gotten a bad reputation. Second, we have something that might be tolerable if short enough and not too badly done. It gets us to the story.


But if we can skip it and the main narrative still makes sense, then why bother with it in the first place? There are many elements of craft that go into writing well, and prologues are not an exception. For a full understanding, I refer you back to the source. First and foremost, there has to be a strong reason to set off the prologue by itself because in essence the reader expects the story to start over again.

The reader is expecting a story set in medieval times. He makes it through the erroneously labeled chapter one, turns the page, and is plunged into modern times. Remember, confusion is not suspense or tension.

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  • It is not a reason to keep turning the page. It is, however, a failure to meet reader expectations. Some readers are forgiving. Others are not. The story opens from the viewpoint of an old woman in a nursing home. The reader is expecting a certain kind of story, maybe one about the difficulties of aging.