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The essay has shown that God is in control over human history and that he is the ultimate power over affairs of human beings and that at his time he will act to bring justice. Allen, Leslie C. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, Armerding, Carl. Edited by Frank E. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, Baker, David. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, Bartlett, John R. Edom and the Edomites. Barton, John.

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    The Nine Billion Names of God

    Wolff, Hans Walter. Obadiah and Jonah: A Commentary. Translated by Margaret Kohl. Minneapolis: Augsburg, Correspondence : Rev.

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    Box 1, Abuakwa, Kumasi, Ghana E-mail: yawag gmail. Simundson indicates that the book of Obadiah "seems to be relatively unimportant among the many biblical books. It is small, the shortest book of the Old Testament, and it tends to get lost between the lengthier and more interesting books of Amos and Jonah. James M. Boice notes "Who knows what is in Obadiah? Very few, even among conscientious Bible students. Boice, The Minor Prophets vol. Wilson advocates a case-by-case study of ancestors or relationships in genealogies. Hans Goedicke; Baltimore, Md. The only reference to the worship of the "gods of the Seirites," the "gods of Edom" is in 2 Chr , But the parallel version of the story in 2 Kgs does not mention such worship.

    They think the names of both gods are probably Arabic. Qos is an Arabic name meaning, "bow," cf. Ernst A. Knauf, "Yahwe," VT 34 []: Hershel Shanks; Englewood Cliffs, N.

    Thus the reference to Esau here leads the re readers of the Book of Obadiah to "activate" the memory of these traditions, and to develop a reading of this text that is informed by them. As a result, the enemy of Yhwh i. Wolff, Obadiah and Jonah: A Commentary trans. Margaret Kohl; Minneapolis: Augsburg, , While the nomenclature that Obadiah employs in relation to its subjects is varied Edom is spoken of in multiple ways: Edom [vv. Ben Zvi concludes that the "Edom as brothef' motif is the only reasonable explanation for the vitriol in the book Ben Zvi, Obadiah, Barton comments that the brotherhood language creates certain particular expectations so that "this is not simply a general principle applicable to all international relations.

    The kinship language employed in Obad refers to the violence done to brother Jacob and the gloating over the brother on the day of his misfortune. These reprimands seem to be rooted in the accusation of v. In other words, it is the issue of brotherhood that implies Edom should have acted differently from the others, and is the basis for the prophet's disappointment with his neighbour.

    Watson E. Wilson; Marcon, Ga. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.