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It is an unusual system in that its two stars are very close to each other yet have different surface temperatures, and hence thermal transfer is not taking place as expected. The two component stars orbit closely enough to each other for mass to have been transferred between them—in this case the secondary having transferred a large amount of mass to the primary. Its brightness varies from apparent magnitude 8. Close to Gamma Corvi and visible in the same binocular field is R Corvi , a long period Mira variable star.

Three star systems have confirmed planets.

HD is a young yellow-white main-sequence star of apparent magnitude 7. It is 1. Variations in its radial velocity showed it was being orbited by a Neptune -sized planet every 5. It was discovered by its transit across the star in Ross is a red dwarf star located a mere Around 73 times as massive as Jupiter , it is just under the mass boundary separating brown dwarves from stars.

It has a companion that was first identified and documented by the 2MASS survey in Corvus contains no Messier objects. It has several galaxies and a planetary nebula observable with amateur telescopes. The group may contain between 13 and 27 galaxies. The best-known member is the Antennae peculiar galaxy , located 0. The name originates from the huge tidal tails that come off the ends of the two galaxies, formed because of the spiral galaxies' original rotation.

Both original galaxies were spiral galaxies and are now experiencing extensive star formation due to the interaction of gas clouds.

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The galaxies are 45 million light-years from Earth and each has multiple ultraluminous X-ray sources , the source of which is unknown. Astronomers theorize that they may be a rare type of x-ray emitting binary stars or intermediate-mass black holes. The progenitor was not identified from older images of the galaxy, and is either a type WC Wolf—Rayet star with a mass over 40 times that of the Sun, or a star 20 to 40 times as massive as the Sun in a binary star system.

Known as the Ringtail Galaxy, it lies close to 31 Crateris. NGC and NGC are a pair of merging elliptical galaxies in the northeastern part of the constellation, around million light-years distant. Two established meteor showers originate from within Corvus' boundaries. German astronomer Cuno Hoffmeister discovered and named the Corvids in , after observing them between June 25 and July 2. They have not been seen since, nor was there evidence of a shower when previous records were examined. The shower has been tentatively linked with Wilson—Harrington.

In Action Comics 14 January , which was published 7 November , astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson appears in the story, in which he determines that Superman 's home planet, Krypton , orbited the red dwarf LHS in the constellation Corvus, Tyson assisted DC Comics in selecting a real-life star that would be an appropriate parent star to Krypton, and picked the star in Corvus, [78] [79] and which is the mascot of Superman's high school, the Smallville Crows.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Constellation in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere. List of stars in Corvus.

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Main article: List of stars in Corvus. The Mesopotamian Traditions". Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Bibcode : JBAA..

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Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy. New York City: Springer. The Mediterranean traditions". Retrieved 20 February Star Tales. Retrieved 6 June Motilal Banarsidass. The Morning Star Rises: an account of Polynesian astronomy. Yale University Press. Cambridge University Press. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Journal of Astronomy in Culture. Ibero-amerikanisches Archiv. Retrieved 9 September Popular Astronomy. Bibcode : PA Retrieved 1 June The Constellations.

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