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He built the world of the Realms out of almost nothing, against extraordinary odds. I realised this most forcibly when I visited the recreation of his room in a Chicago museum. Why did he spend his life creating a universe of such violence and beauty?

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There is a theory that loneliness stems from a profound sense of disintegration, caused by just the kind of broken childhood Darger suffered. You can show what loneliness looks like, and you can also take up arms against it, making things that serve explicitly as communication devices against censorship and alienation. This was the driving motivation of David Wojnarowicz, a still under-known American artist and writer, whose courageous, extraordinary body of work did more than anything to release me from the feeling that in my solitude I was shamefully alone. Like Darger, Wojnarowicz had a brutal childhood.

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As a small boy in the s, he and his two siblings were kidnapped by their father, an abusive alcoholic who took them to live in the suburbs of New Jersey. The Universe of the Neatly Clipped Lawn, David called it — a place where physical and psychic violence against women and children could be carried out without repercussions. He almost starved during his homeless years. Sometimes he was raped or drugged by the men who offered him money; sometimes he stayed in welfare hotels and derelict buildings, or with a group of transvestites by the Hudson River.

In , he prised himself off the streets, though the legacy of shame and isolation never fully dispersed. He came out as gay, and felt immediately lighter, albeit acutely aware of the weight of antagonism stacked against him, the hatred lurking everywhere for a man who loved men and was not ashamed of the fact.

It was in this period that he began to make art. Photographs of a man in a paper mask of Arthur Rimbaud, wandering the meat markets and bus stations of New York. Lurid, intricate paintings that look like maps of some mythic realm. A film of a drag queen walking slowly into a lake; graffiti of burning houses and choking cows. What happened to him? Aids happened. In he was diagnosed with Aids, then a death sentence. His first reaction was intense loneliness, combined with absolute rage against the bigoted politicians who blocked funding and education, the public figures who called for people with Aids to be tattooed with their infection status or quarantined on islands.

Stigmatisation: the cruel process by which society works to exclude people considered undesirable, whether because of race or poverty or illness or a thousand other factors.

Stigmatisation is yet another driver of loneliness, reducing a person from a human being to the bearer of something polluting or repulsive. In the plague years, he became involved with Act Up, a direct action group that fused art and resistance into an astonishingly potent force. Aids confirmed his suspicions. He died in , at the age of 37, leaving behind a body of work of radical honesty. That statement summed up precisely what his art meant to me.

How had he responded to the sources of isolation in his own life? By speaking the truth, by making art, by building community, by engaging in political action, by refusing to be invisible. The artists I encountered in the lonely city helped me not just to understand loneliness, but also to see the potential beauty in it, the way it drives creativity of all kinds. Amid the glossiness of late capitalism, we are fed the notion that all difficult feelings — depression, anxiety, loneliness, rage — are simply a consequence of unsettled chemistry, a problem to be fixed, rather than a response to structural injustice or, on the other hand, to the native texture of embodiment, of doing time, as David Wojnarowicz memorably put it, in a rented body, with all the attendant grief and frustration that entails.

So much of the pain of loneliness is to do with concealment, with being compelled to hide vulnerability, to tuck ugliness away, to cover up wounds as if they are literally repulsive. But why hide?

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Why this need constantly to inhabit peak states, or to be comfortably sealed inside a unit of two, turned inward from the world at large? I have been lonely, and no doubt I will be lonely again. Phone orders min. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. With some countries in the world, it can seem a dizzying feat to narrow down 10 nations as the places travelers should focus on in the coming year. Yet, with the proper vetting, a short list revealed itself to the travel guide publisher.

The payoff for visitors is a chance to walk along mountain trails unsullied by litter. Bhutan punches well above its weight when it comes to sustainability. One of the more surprising locations on the list for is surely Washington, D. And while many people will rightly assume the U. Louis, a writer for Lonely Planet. Thottikallu Falls A picturesque waterfall away from the city bustles and yet nearby Bangalore is an excellent option for a weekend getaway.

Right after the monsoons, the place gets a fresh makeover with exotic plants booming and water flowing down the rocks with massive impact giving a milky white texture. The view is magnificent. Timing : It takes hardly 1 hour from the Bangalore city. Things to do: Hop in with your partner to enjoy a romantic bath under the waterfall. Source: Wikipedia 6.

Sakleshpur Camp Do you want to spend your date under a starlit sky with the melodious sound of the river in the background? Give the right touch of Bollywood fantasy to your time with your partner at the Sakleshpur Camp. It is one of the off-beaten places for having a romantic vacation. You can go for camping at the banks of the river or try exhilarating sports like zip lining.

Explore the raw beauty of nature around you with a trek to the depth of the wilderness. It is an amazing place for the couples who are looking to get away from city chaos.


Timing: It takes about 4 hours to reach from the city to the campsite. Things to do: Boating , swimming, and camping are dearly enjoyed by the couples. Source: Wikitravel 7. Olive Beach Bar and Kitchen The soft music, the nice lighting, a serene environment and elite decor is what makes Olive beach stand out.

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  • Famous for its authentic European and Mediterranean cuisine complimenting the European setup, the olive beach is a hit among the couples of the city. A Sunday brunch at this exquisite restaurant will give the perfect start to your romantic day together. Things to do: The eight-hour lamb is a must try. Raviollis, Risottos and the pepperoni pizza is delectable. Source: Flickr 8.

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    Beat the cliched places for couples and head over to the Jakkur Airfield to indulge in a thrilling experience as the hot air balloon soars high. The view from the top is simply stunning, with a panoramic view of the Bangalore landscape. This stimulating adventure is just perfect to woo your partner. Timing: Most of the events start from AM Things to do: Embrace the landscape and the beautiful view.

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