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9 Keys to Tune-Up your Marriage - Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Happy long-term couples show more of an interweaving of their lives. This comes from spending time with each other, every day, every week, all year long. We first see this beautiful car in a pristine, glass enclosed, garage as more a piece of art than a vehicle designed to give pleasure to the driver.


Ferris enjoys every minute as do a couple of valets! The car, says Ferris, is meant to be driven. Pleasure is something that is meant to be part of your relationship. Many couples come to therapy and, when asked, cannot remember the last time they received or have given each other pleasure. Mind you, they may have had the obligatory bonk the night before but even that has failed to give much pleasure to either or both of them. Take each other out for a joy ride! Figure out what new pleasure you can offer. Remember when you first began seeing each other, and you spent a significant amount of time thinking about what the other person wanted or liked?

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Revisit that place in your mind—become excited with the thought of surprising each other. In reality there are no hard and fast rules that will guarantee a life of marital bliss but it has been found that what we decide to focus on becomes more of our reality than what we choose to ignore! To the extent that we focus on our relationship and privilege our beloved we will create a relationship we can be proud of. In the end a vintage Porsche in pristine condition will always be worth more than a brand new Ford Fiesta! These tips are fantastic!

I wish that I had seen these at the start of my marriage. It could have saved me a lot of trouble. Other repairs require a professional. Roxanne Bamond, Ph.

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The last quarter of the year can bring higher household expenses, including costs associated with the holidays. Can your budget handle it? Be prepared by reviewing your financial status and making any needed adjustments to your spending and saving. Go back to school. Maybe not literally, but Fall is an excellent time to learn a new skill or try a new activity.

Check out the offerings from your local public school system or community college. Sign up—finally! Learning or doing something new, especially if you do it together, can enrich your marriage. If you decide on different activities, share your experiences with your spouse and bring a new dimension to your marriage. Get fit—spiritually. Summer often means a break from routine. Have you let your spiritual practices slide over the past couple months? Rather than become discouraged, make a September resolution to improve.

Consider setting aside time to pray with your spouse see Who Me, Pray? Bring closure to the summer by celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Related Articles. Featured Resource.

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