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How much could they differ? In fact, each island has its own unique personality, its own geography, plant and bird life, culture, activities, historical sites—and opportunities for new experiences. If you have more time, follow the advice below to extend your stay to three weeks for full immersion in island living.

How To Travel Iceland in Two Weeks! Iceland Travel Guide!

So with proper planning, you can begin a multi-week itinerary from any island. Getting between the islands is a quick flight: thirty minutes at most. Car rental companies are located at all major airports and each island has ample accommodations. Acclimate by swimming and relaxing on the beach. Venture out and explore. Head to the Pearl Harbor historic sites , getting there early to beat the crowd. Heading back into Downtown Honolulu , visit the Historic and Capitol District , where museums and historic buildings abound.

End the afternoon with some relaxing beach time. That evening, walk to Chinatown , just a few blocks away, and take in the burgeoning art and food scene. Restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, shops, and art galleries line the streets. Sample the culinary diversity with pizza and beer at J.

Two Weeks in Taiwan: A Day Itinerary Exploring the Best of Taiwan | Will Fly for Food

After breakfast, hop on the freeway and over to the windward side for one of the prettiest drives on the island. Take the coast highway up the windward side to the North Shore. Sharks Cove, Three Tables, and Waimea Bay have the most marine life, but will also be the most crowded. Consider a stay at Turtle Bay Resort or a vacation rental along the North Shore beaches, where you can really immerse yourself in the beauty of the area.

Water activities abound in Maunalua Bay , with surf schools, fishing and dive charters, and recreational boating. Yokohama Bay , at the end of the road on the leeward side, is one of the most pristine and uncrowded spots on the island. If ocean recreation is your priority, fly into Kailua Kona and set up a home base on the leeward side. If the volcanoes are your focus, base yourself in Hilo. Get an early start by exploring the beautiful waters and town of Kailua-Kona.

No trip to the area is complete without a visit to the Captain Cook Monument and Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park , which can also serve as a starting point for a kayaking adventure. In the afternoon, explore the coffee plantations and tasting rooms around Kona. Or relax near your hotel, taking advantage of the sunshine. Drive north to the Kohala Coast, stopping to enjoy the white sands of Hapuna Beach or the Puako tide pools , one of the best snorkeling spots on the island.

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In the afternoon, head inland to the upcountry paniolo town of Waimea. The Balkan Peninsula is the most culturally diverse in Europe.

This region has also an extremely varied topography. Bordered by the Adriatic and Ionian Sea to the west, Aegean Sea to the south, the Sea of Marmara to the southeast and the Black Sea to the east, the Balkan countries are stunningly beautiful.

Canadian Rockies road trip overview and map

Here are two suggestions:. If you plan to build your itinerary around these three cities, you could spend 3 days in Athens, 7 days in Istanbul and days in Bucharest. Or you can choose spend your entire 2 weeks trip to Europe by visiting just one country. Countries like Greece, Turkey, or Romania have plenty of amazing sites to keep you entertained and engaged for 14 days. The best way to travel between these 3 countries is by plane. These four cities will take you through 3 of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Never Ending Voyage

The best way to travel between these cities would be by car or by bus, as there are no train connections between Split and Dubrovnik. If you have a car, you can extend your itinerary to some other points of interest in this region. They are a much better deal and have beautiful apartments all around the world. For the same price you would pay for an average hotel, you could rent an entire apartment. Airports, train stations, or tourist areas have the worst exchange rates. If no exchange booths are around, use the ATM machines throughout the city. Driving a car Europe is an expensive and inconvenient complication.

2. Establish a budget.

None of these European cities were built with cars in mind, so the roads are crowded and full of restrictions. Train travel through Europe is one of the best ways to see the continent. The rail network is extremely developed and train service is very reliable. For longer distances, flying one of the many European airlines is also a great option.

Dressing comfortably when you travel to Europe is very important, but avoid looking like a tourist. Not sure how to blend in with the locals? Also, buy the best shoes you can afford. I can stress enough the importance of wearing comfortable shoes while traveling in Europe. Many of the old European cities are still paved with cobble stones which are very rough on your soles. The best time to visit Europe is in fall and spring, unless you are headed there for the winter holidays. Summers are hot and busy. This guide is a good resource if you intend to visit Europe independently. However, if you prefer an organized tour there are plenty of great tours of Europe to choose from.

Hope the itineraries above gave you some idea on how to travel Europe in 2 weeks. And if you like a place you saw, make a plan to return and explore it more in depth. First-time visitors to Europe generally want to tick off the main highlights, like London, Paris, Florence, or the Swiss Alps the list goes on , but also want to experience authentic cuisine and to get a feel for the local hotspots. What if we told you there was an option to have all of your transport and accommodation arranged for you, with door-to-door service from one destination to the next?

What if your travels featured a range of guided activities along with plenty of time to explore at leisure? Sound too good to be true? The fact of the matter is that Europe is where touring originated, and there are many touring experts with decades of experience, just waiting to show you this wonderful continent.

Starting and ending in the same city is a great way to save on long distance flights, so London or Paris is a great place to start while working your way south to Rome and back again. Unless you WANT to be totally worn out…. Europe is huge and is filled with things to see so you need to be prepared for time spent in transit. On the plus side, however, travel time is a great way to read up on your next destination and to put your feet up. Europe is incredibly well connected, with endless transport options are available to get you from one dream destination to the next.

In recent years, private coach companies have also started to really compete for the attention of an independent traveller, really giving train travel a run for its money. While not usually as fast as train travel and sometimes involving an overnight journey, coach companies still offer an extensive network of lines connecting European hot spots at often less than half the price. Planning what you want to see in each destination is vital for your holiday success, so ask yourself well in advance, what it is you want to see and do?