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ME: right so what is the best thing to do now? The code will be sent as soon as the payment is been confirmed. All you have to do is to keep your hope alive so that you can achieve your goals.. ME: I will have to borrow that from my daughter as I do not have that much at present However how do I contact you regarding all of this again to get the funds released?

Receivers Name:Jennifer Simon. ME: I thought it had to go to the bank. Who is this person? ME: Can we not do this as a direct electronic transfer via my bank to the chase bank? Because the cash has to confirmed the payment then take it to the bank in cash in other for you to get transaction code.. ME: Sounds a strange way to do business However I will do that.

Do I contact you at Facebook when I have done that? TISHA: just send me the receipt given to you by the western union I forwarded the link from "Faiways Delivery Company" with the link to Chase Bank outlining what had happened and this was their response: From: Abuse [abuse chase.

We've seen similar versions of this message and want you to know it was not sent by Chase and it is a Phishing attack, designed to trick you into sharing personal information. If you responded to the email, we can help. Just call the toll-free number on your statement or the back of your Chase credit or debit card anytime. Also, please know we work relentlessly to shut down websites that generate fraudulent emails like this. Just a reminder: We will never send you an email that asks you to reply with personal information.

For advice on keeping your personal information secure, visit our website and click on the link for the Security Center. Thanks for helping us fight back against phishing. Sincerely, Chase Internet Security Team. Inheritance scam via Facebook Hi, I received a friend request on Facebook from an elderly lady.


Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE!

Soon after accepting this request, I was notified that I was chosen as a beneficiary of her estate. I was asked for bank details. I would respectfully request that you keep the content of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come across as a result of this mail. I contacted you privately and no one is informed of this communication. I will give you the entire story behind the Business here.

I do hope you find it interesting enough in accepting this proposal. Upon maturity, routine notifications were sent to his forwarding address but we got no reply.

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After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, Royal Dutch plc that Mr. Max died alongside his longtime companion in an Auto crash. If you are familiar with private banking practice, those who patronize our services usually prefer anonymity, but also some levels of detachment from conventional processes.

In the deceased bio-data form, he listed no next of kin,In the field of private banking, accounts are rarely held under a name, depositors use numbers and codes to make the accounts anonymous. In this case, Mr. Max died intestate. In line with our internal processes for account holders who have passed away, my bank conducted a search in good faith to determine who should have right to claim the funds.

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This has for the past years been unfruitful. This sum has since been sitting in my bank and the interest is being rolled over with the principal sum at the end of each year. No one has been able to come forward for it. According to the Laws of my environment United Kingdom , at the expiration of a given period if the said fund is not claimed,the money will revert to the ownership of the United Kingdom government. The world of banking especially is fraught with huge rewards for those who occupy certain offices and oversee certain portfolios.

In this case, I alone have the deposit details as I was the account officer to the deceased as at the time the account Fixed deposit was made my bank will release the deposit to no one unless evidence of relationship with the deceased is presented. The bank's management has no single idea of the history of the deposit. They are simply awaiting instructions to release the deposit to the party that comes forward.

This is the situation. My bank has spent great amounts of money trying to track this man's family. Consequently, what I propose is that I will like you to stand in as the next of kin to Mr Max as you both have same last name so that the fruits of this old man's labour will not get into the hands of some corrupt government officials. Acting in this capacity really is simple as I will explain in detail to you when I get your response. Being aware of this request I am making, I ask that if you find no interest in this project that you should discard this mail.

I ask that you do not be vindictive and destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you.

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You may not know this but people like me who have made tidy sums out of comparable situations run the whole private banking sector. I am not a criminal and what I do, I do not find against good conscience, this may be hard for you to understand, but the dynamics of my industry dictates that I make this move. Such opportunities only come ones' way once in a lifetime. The reward for this project makes it a task well worth undertaking.

I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting the public.

Why Wait to Be Great?: It's Either Now or Too Late

My position as the Non Executive Directors at Royal Bank of Scotland guarantees the successful execution of this transaction. If you find yourself able to work with me, I urge you to indicate to that effect. In closing, please observe utmost confidentiality, and be rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us.

I met him on a dating site called date hook up. He sent me the first message and we started talking and then became friends. I myself come from a military family so I really thought this person was real he posted his picture and that he lived in Jacksonville, then as we were talking he told me was in the military and I thought it was odd to post that you live in Jacksonville. Then he wanted me to get on Skype and that where I saw him in his military uniform so I thought okay he's legit and then then the bombshell That's when the flag came up I just don't want any other women to get scammed by this person who claims to defend our country and to wear the uniform.

Note-payment is to be made VIA western union. Would await your reply to proceed with shipment So you'll be able to keep in touch via email. Work matters. So email is better then Facebook. Thank you for understanding To: NZ store Hello? To: NZ store Can you keep me updated.

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So whats going on with my item? FROM: NZ store Hello Thanks for your patience and understanding so far you asked us to wait for 14 days and 2 days have gone now okay or just try to do anything in your might to come up with some money so we can finalize this okay.. To: NZ store Hello, it is also you have said I will receive what is mine.

And I have not yet received that.

Why Wait to Be Great?: It’s Either Now or Too Late

I have paid for my item and am no longer paying anymore. Please don't make me take this situation any further because I am willing to if I do not receive my item before Friday 15th August Thank you. To: NZ store I have been informed that I should no longer make any more payments. The mistake took place on your side. I have paid for what is rightfully mine. And I should receive what is rightfully mine.